Protect America Security Price Review

Protect-AmericaAs one of the largest home security providers, Protect America has a lot going for them. One of the best things is that they offer equipment with a lifetime warranty. You can install their system in no time at all and they also offer monitoring packages to suit a wide range of needs. 

Protect America is a great choice if it’s your first time investing in a security system. If you need some of the basics a security system has to offer, Protect America will have you covered. This company is an excellent option for renters or anyone who wants the option of taking their equipment with them when they move.

If you want to be guarded by one of the most reliable and complete home security systems at some of the most competitive rates around, Protect America may just be perfect for you with:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • no installation fees
  • complete home automation 
  • customizable options 

What Sets Protect America Apart

Protect America offers amazing value with some of the lowest prices the industry has to offer.

When you consider good customer reviews, consistent service, and a lifetime warranty on equipment, and it’s easy to see how Protect America has risen to the top of the home security industry to become a household name.

Although professional installation is an option, setting up is easy, and one of the most attractive parts of Protect America’s home security systems. Everything is easy to set up and activate so you’ll be up and running in no time at all.  And full technical support is still provided if you opt for a DIY installation.

Furthermore, Protect America also allows for a lot of flexibility with their home security home-automationpackages by allowing for easy integration with Amazon Alexa devices.

Your existing equipment won’t be rendered useless and can easily be integrated to form part of your new security system.  This will also help to save significantly on up-front costs.

Having a say in the customization of your own home security system gives you the power to decide your own level of security. With Protect America you’ll be in total control of your home’s security – no matter where you are…

Protect America Home Security Packages

Protect America Plan Landline Monitoring Cost Broadband Monitoring Cost Cellular Monitoring Cost
Copper $19.99 $41.99 $41.99
Silver $37.99 $49.99 $49.99
Platinum $42.99 $54.99 $54.99

Cellular Monitoring

Opting for cellular monitoring from Protect America puts you in control of a security system that won’t suffer any interruptions:

Copper Silver Platinum
$19.99/mo $37.99/mo $42.99/mo
+ $50 Upfront + $50 Upfront + $50 Upfront


24/7 Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring
Wireless & Cellular Wireless & Cellular Wireless & Cellular
Disaster Protection Disaster Protection Disaster Protection


Simon XT Control Panel Simon XT Control Panel Simon XT Control Panel
3 Sensors 9 Sensors 14 Sensors
Motion Detector Motion Detector Motion Detector


HD Video HD Video  HD Video
Smoke/Fire Monitoring Smoke/Fire Monitoring Smoke/Fire Monitoring
 Smart Locks Smart Locks Smart Locks
Garage Door Control Garage Door Control Garage Door Control
Smart Lighting Smart Lighting Smart Lighting

Monitoring Options

Landline monitoring is a great option for anyone living in remote areas or where the internet speeds are simply too slow.

call-center-agentsBroadband monitoring is a high-quality middle ground to suit most budgets.  It remains one of the most popular choices.

Cellular monitoring is the only way if you want to make use of home automation functions.

With cellular monitoring, you also have an extra layer of security. When the alarm is activated, the monitoring center will immediately respond. This allows for quicker response times during emergencies.

Mobile access is also included with your broadband or cellular monitoring package. This will allow you to arm or disarm your system from any web-enabled device no matter where you are.

Protect America Monitoring Services

Protect America offers several options along with their monitoring service including:

  • carbon monoxide monitoring
  • freeze and flood sensors
  • smoke and fire monitoring
  • medical panic pendant & watch monitoring

For an additional cost, you can also add extras like:

  • keychain remotes
  • glass break sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • wireless indoor cameras
  • wireless pan/tilt indoor cameras

Protect America Home Automation

Protect America’s home automation features will allow you to secure your property with the touch of a button.

burglar-with-lightZ-Wave compatible home automation equipment can be installed to make everyday household tasks a lot easier. This includes equipment such as your light bulbs, thermostats, locks, and other devices.

Your home automation features can be as simple as opening the garage door, or as complex as managing the overall energy efficiency of your property. You have total control over how far you want to take it.

You can also create a sequence in your home. What this means is that, once you decide it’s bedtime, simply press one button to turn off the lights, and the alarm will automatically arm itself.

Protect America offers a wide variety of home automation products. Simply add extras so that you can take control of your home’s security Some of the extras you can add include:

  • automated door locks
  • appliance modules
  • door sensors
  • email and text alerts
  • flood sensors
  • keychain remotes
  • lighting controls
  • small appliance controls
  • smart thermostats and more!

Why Choose Protect America Security for Your Home

Protect America has learned a thing or two over the years.

happy-family-secure-new-homeWhen it comes to superior monitoring services and unparalleled customer service, they occupy one of the top spots. 

They work hard to maintain their reputation and seem to understand how to satisfy a wide range of budgets and requirements.

  1. 24/7 professional monitoring with some of the lowest rates available in the home security industry.
  2. Many customizable options that range from landline monitoring all the way to cellular automation.
  3. Lifetime warranty on equipment that seamlessly integrates with your other security devices – allowing you to take control and add extra layers as you need.

With Protect America by your side, you’ll have confidence and peace of mind knowing that you’re not only just covered, but you also have total control.

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