SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint vs LiveWatch Price Review

Three of the top contenders in the home security space, Simplisafe, Frontpoint, and LiveWatch. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Some of the key similarities between Simplisafe, Frontpoint, and LiveWatch is that you’re going to have to install them yourselves. All three of these systems are DIY installation. They all have 24/7 professional monitoring backed up by a pretty solid track record when it comes to their customer support.


SimpliSafe is exactly that. The system is very simple to use, even easier to set up, and extremely safe. And part of what makes this company so attractive to many is the fact that you can sign up without any lengthy 12 or 36-month contracts.  More importantly, when you opt for professional 24/7 monitoring, you are still not locked into any contract by SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you know they stand behind their product.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a large property, SimpliSafe can offer you exactly what you need in a home security system.

Expansive system

For many, SimpliSafe is definitely one on the shortlist due the fact that that they have an expansive modular system to increase the number of connected devices you can add. This also means that you can control your home security from almost anywhere in the world.


SimpliSafe’s camera options are limited, unfortunately, and they do not offer high-resolution recording. Equally, if you were looking for an outdoor security camera to keep an eye on your perimeters, this may not be what you need.

When considering SimpliSafe, also keep in mind that this company dealt with a security concern regarding the ability to jam their radio frequencies. This does not mean that SimpliSafe isn’t a reliable provider, but be sure to check local reports if you are unsure of any irregular circumstances surrounding this provider.


FrontPoint home security system that comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, they offer a 100% cellular system. This means that you never have to be concerned about your lines being cut. Equally, you can be assured of service even during a power outage for up to  24-hour with the backup battery backup. Regardless of this, however, Frontpoint’s crash-and-smash protection prevents the system from being tampered with. As soon as anyone tries to mess with your system, you will be immediately notified, and their 30-day money-back guarantee means you get a full refund if you’re not happy with any part of the system’s performance. With Frontpoint, you also have the option of smoke/fire, CO2, and flood monitoring without any additional installation fees required.


One of the most attractive features that come along with Frontpoint’s system is the ability to set up a geofence. This involves designating certain zones and assigning certain actions to the selected zones. For example, as soon as you arrive at home, the light will automatically turn on, same as the HVAC. You can set up several home automation features to make your life a lot more comfortable and liveable.

Relative newcomer

Frontpoint is a relative newcomer to the home security industry. This may deter some potential users who prefer to go with a company that had a slightly more established name. Also on the downside, you only get a 3-year equipment warranty, which is a dealbreaker for many lower than most providers.


Just like Frontpoint, Livewatch (a standalone subsidiary of Moni who was acquired by Brinks Home Security in 2018) is a relative newcomer in the home security industry compared to some of the top names who were founded in the previous century. However, in a short space of time, they’ve distinguished themselves and service more than 200 000 satisfied homes. Moreover, they offer world-class customer service and a variety of unique equipment and monitoring options. LiveWatch Security is unique in that it offers a substantial equipment subsidy with just a one-year monitoring agreement.

LiveWatch monitoring includes fully integrated cellular communication modules which also eliminates the possibility of defeating the system by disabling the cable and landlines. The more advanced monitoring packages also come standard with crash-and-smash technology. This will notify the monitoring station even if the system is destroyed.

Email and SMS notifications

Another truly unique feature of the cellular monitoring packages is the ability to notify all members in the emergency contact list almost immediately by their choice of phone SMS or email in the event of anything that might occur at home.

Video monitoring

Unfortunately, video monitoring is available in the highest-tier plan only and the customer service quality may vary depending on your region.

LiveWatch offers outstanding customer service and one of the most complete security and home automation programs in the industry.

Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch

Monthly Monitoring   $44.99-$49.99 $14.99–$24.99 $19.95-$49.99
Security Plans 4 packages 5 packages 5 packages
Contracts No No 1-year
Professional Installations DIY only DIY & professional DIY only
Home Automation  Yes Yes Yes
Trial Period 30 days 60 days 365 days
Upfront Costs $99 – $349 $183.00-$391.00 $99 – $699
24/7 Monitoring  Optional Optional Optional
Activation Fees No No $19.95
Remote Panic Button No Yes Yes

Simplisafe vs Frontpoint vs LiveWatch – Who is Best?

This is a tough one to nail down and it will largely depend on what your exact requirements and unique needs are. However, consider the following:

  • SimpliSafe is a straightforward and low-cost security solution. For homeowners looking at home security on a budget, SimpliSafe’s affordable equipment is hard-to-beat, and to top it off they have no contract with optional professional monitoring.
  • Frontpoint charges lower monthly prices for higher-end features. They also have a better reputation for reliable customer support compared to most security providers.  This company also offers landline monitoring as an option, making them even more versatile. 
  • LiveWatch is a fantastic home security system, especially if you have some short-term needs. Their fast monitoring response makes them highly attractive and one of the main reasons they have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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