SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch Price Review


While there are a lot of security companies out there, few of them have created a reputation like SimpliSafe.

They protect over 3 million American homes, so the chances are that, when you think of home security, this company is one that springs to mind.

SimpliSafe specializes in high quality, easy to install home security systems at some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are simply renting and interested in something you can take with you when you move, or you’ve been living in the same home for years.  SimpliSafe will be able to offer you enough security to offer you peace of mind. 

For many customers, the flexible month-to-month contract remains one of the most attractive parts, and the simplicity and ease of use make SimpliSafe the ideal choice for most who are purely interested in adding some extra layers of security to the property.

Simple DIY Installations

At Simplisafe, you will be able to find and create a package that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are in total control of your home’s security. All the equipment comes preprogrammed and you can literally be set up in minutes.

The system has been specifically designed for self-installation, allowing you to avoid any sort of installation fee.

Once you’ve unboxed your package, place your sensors and more where you desire, turn it on, and wait for everything to sync. It really is as simple as that. There is absolutely no need to drill any holes in the wall or install any new lines. 

SimpliSafe’s installations are some of the quickest and easiest to complete. The whole setup is intuitive and their customer service is extremely helpful and responsive.

Siren In a Box?

It’s hard to do much with SimpliSafe’s equipment if you don’t add a professional monitoring plan due to the fact that there will be no mobile access. Without a monitoring package, you’re basically left with a siren in a box. For a few, this may be all they need, but for the most part, this is not really why you started looking at sophisticated security systems in the first place.

30-Day Monitoring

Luckily, your monitoring is month-to-month, so you cancel whenever you want to. However, what makes the monitoring packages really attractive is the flexibility. SimpliSafe sells them in 30-day bundles, so if you know you’re


Even though they only launched in 2002, considered a relative newcomer to the industry, LiveWatch has distinguished themselves by offering world-class customer service and a variety of unique equipment and monitoring options.

By 2015, Moni acquired LiveWatch, and by 2018 this company exclusively licensed its trademarks to Brinks Home Security.

LiveWatch’s monitoring options include fully integrated cellular communication that eliminates the possibility for criminals to override or disarm the system by cutting the cables or landlines. If you opt for more advanced monitoring,  their crash-and-smash technology will notify the monitoring station even if the system is totally destroyed, so you know there will never be any interruptions to your security.

Short Contracts

LiveWatch takes a different approach to getting you signed up. Most of the top security providers out there require a standard 3-year contract. At a glance, this is what sets LiveWatch apart. One of their best selling points is the short contract and lack of termination fees. You are only required to sign a 1-year contract, and you can terminate it at any time. This is also particularly useful if you’re just renting and you want to take your equipment with you wherever you go.

Z-Wave Compatibility

If you’re interested in the latest home automation has to offer, LiveWatch integrates Z-wave technology, allowing you to integrate smart technologies around your home including smart door locks, thermostats, lights, and more.

No Equipment Discounts Without Contract

Brinks Home Security’s monthly monitoring fee is $39 a month. They regularly offer deals discount on your equipment. However, these deals change regularly and without a 36-month contract that covers your monitoring, you don’t get any discount on equipment.

SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch Cost

Monthly Monitoring  $19.95-$49.99 $14.99–$24.99
Security Plans 5 packages 5 packages
Contracts 1-year No
Professional Installations Yes DIY and professional
Home Automation  Yes Yes
Trial Period 365 days 60 days
Upfront Costs $99 – $699 $183.00 -$391.00
Activation Fees $19.95 $0
Remote Panic Button Yes Yes


SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch – Which One is the Best?

SimpliSafe’s startup costs are lower than Brinks.  You also get a lower monitoring rate. However, Brinks‘ equipment is of better quality. Both provide professional monitoring of your home without, but only Brinks will lock you into a contract. Equally, no professional installation fees are required, so your initial setup fees are reduced. The bottom line is that both are a sure bet, but the only way to figure out which one is going to serve your unique and specific requirement best is by reaching out and requesting an estimate.

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