SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint Price Review

We all know that it’s important to protect the things that matter to us most. Whether it’s family, pets, or valuables in your home and property, protecting the things you value and cherish is your responsibility to protect.

One of the biggest problems nowadays is that there is such an overwhelming amount of home security options out there that it’s hard to figure out which one is the right choice.

To keep it simple, there are 3 questions you have to ask yourself:

  1. What is it that you want to protect?
  2. Where is it?
  3. How big is your budget?

Identifying these will immediately help you to narrow down your options and zone in on the type of security tools and devices that will work best for your needs.


SimpliSafe really lives up to its name.  The system is very simple and easy to set up install as a DIY home security system.  In fact, it takes an hour or two under normal circumstances to be fully up and running. Everything comes pre-programmed and ready to go.

You can use the system without any kind of contract.  It’s month-to-month contracting,  no 12 or 36-month contracts, and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can also opt for professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis, so you’re not locked into any kind of long-term deal.

It’s also important to note that SimpliSafe offers an expansive modular system you can use just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a large property, SimpliSafe can offer you an excellent layer of security.

Unfortunately, SimpliSafe’s camera options are limited. If you were in the market for something with a little bit higher resolution, this might be a dealbreaker.  Equally, if you were looking for an outdoor security camera, this may not be your best option.

When considering SimpliSafe, also keep in mind that this company dealt with a security concern regarding the ability to jam their radio frequencies. This does not mean that SimpliSafe isn’t a reliable provider, but be sure to check local reports if you are unsure of any irregular circumstances surrounding this provider.


FrontPoint is a DIY home security system that comes with a lot of benefits. This is a 100% cellular security system so you don’t have to worry about any interruptions or lines being cut. The system comes with 24-hour battery backup too, so even if it during an emergency if the system happens to be unplugged, or when you may have faulty power cables, there should be no problem.

Frontpoint has several packages on offer ranging from a 7 to a 14-piece system, and you can also build your own system to suit your unique requirements and give you total control.

Frontpoint’s security system allows you to set up a geofence. Geofencing involves setting up a designated perimeter wherein you are able to control your security system, lighting, and temperature remotely and wirelessly. Upon entering or exiting this user-defined area, your system activates automated actions. No more fumbling around in the dark as the lights automatically turn on and the temperature adjusts. Frontpoint also has crash-and-smash protection which prevents the system from being disabled.

Moreover, when you opt for Frontpoint you will receive smoke/fire, CO2, and flood monitoring without any additional installation fees. This company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with the performance.

On the downside, Frontpoint doesn’t have a long track record in the industry, which may deter some potential customers. And you only get a 3-year equipment warranty, lower than most providers.

Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe Cost

Monthly Monitoring   $44.99 to $49.99 $14.99–$24.99
Security Plans 4 packages 5 packages
Contracts No No
Professional Installations DIY only DIY and professional
Home Automation  Yes Yes
Trial Period 30 days 60 days
Upfront Costs $99 to $349 $183.00 to $391.00
24/7 Monitoring  Optional Optional
Remote Panic Button No Yes

Frontpoint vs Simplisafe – Which one is best?


Both of these security providers have established themselves on the market as reliable. With SimpliSafe you get multiple bundled systems, or you can design your own. and a la carte systems. Their prices are competitive, there are no contracts, and you still have control when the Wi-Fi is down or there is a power outage.

secure-home-automationFrontpoint offers some excellent discounts and free video recording storage on your choice of indoor and outdoor cameras. Their packages also include motion sensors you can place to cover specific zones.

There are some glaring differences to consider too. Only SimpliSafe allows the option of self-monitoring, but this leaves you without the ability to receive notifications or even set up control remotely. Cancellation fees is another major difference.

Frontpoint requires 30 days notification and you’ll have to pay 80% of the remainder should you try to cancel your service. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, lets you cancel without any additional fees. However, one of the major differences is that Frontpoint’s app is a lot higher rated, and this might just be the deciding factor for many.

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