Ring vs ADT Price Review

Ring vs ADT

When it comes to home security – on one hand, you don’t want to skimp, but on the other hand, you still need to watch your budget.  This is part of the reason why comparing estimates from different security providers is so important. Comparing estimates from different providers such as RING vs ADT,  will not only give a better idea of how much you’re going to pay but also a much clearer idea of which provider will suit your unique requirements best.


Ring alarm is the absolute best choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly security solution that still delivers most of the things you expect from a security system. Their upfront costs are some of the lowest you’re going to find anywhere.

For the price, Ring’s tech and equipment get the job done too. However, there has been a stir about privacy issues and partnerships with police and it’s still worth it to research them in your local region if you are considering them.

The upshot, however, is that contracts don’t exist, making it a very attractive option for many. Their monthly monitoring fees are also some of the lowest, establishing Ring as one of the best deals you can find anywhere in the industry.

You may have to buy your Ring alarm security equipment upfront but Ring’s basic security kit still makes it worth it, especially if you’re looking for a DIY setup.

Ring’s security package is really basic. The starter kit comes with five pieces burglary-in-progressincluding a base station, a keypad, one contact sensor for your door or window, one motion sensor, and a range extender for your home wifi.

This is important to keep in mind because with only one contact sensor you can only protect one door or one window.

Ring also offers kits with 8 or 14 security devices depending on the size of your home and the number of vulnerable entrances you need to protect.


ADT is probably the biggest and badest security company out there. When you think of home security, ADT probably comes to mind.

Protected-by-adtThis company has nearly a century and a half of experience providing security in one form or another. Because they are so big, there’s a great chance that you will find something here to suit your exact needs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a no-contract deal and you’re going to be locked in for at least 3 years. This is no as long as some of the security providers out there, but it’s still a significant amount of time, especially if you’re not going to remain in your current home.

The equipment is solid, and it may not be the most attractive, but the control panel and apps are easily integrated so that you only have to learn one system. However, you won’t be getting a smart app along with every package, so be sure to check if you want home automation included in your system.

Ring vs ADT Cost


Monthly Monitoring  – $3.00 or $30 per year

– $10.00 or $100 per year

$45.99- $57.99
Security Plans – 1 monitoring plan

– 2 security system packages

– 3 monitoring plans

-3 security system packages

Contracts Month to month Minimum 36-months
Professional Installations DIY Yes
Home Automation Advanced options+ Alexa Alexa
Guarantees 30 days 6 months
Upfront Costs $99.99+ $125
24/7 Monitoring Optional Yes
Remote Panic Button No Yes

Ring vs ADT  – Who is Best?


When it comes to home security, it really comes down to preference and your unique situation. However, even though these 2 providers could be considered far apart in terms of what they offer, they still have many similarities. For starters, you can be assured of quality equipment. Also, you have more advanced options if you want to upgrade your system and both providers offer an easy-to-use app with Alexa integration.

However, the differences are glaring, and not just when it comes to price. Top of the list for many will be the DIY option offered by Ring, whereas ADT only offers professional installations.

The bottom line is that you just can’t find a better deal when it comes to giving your home and loved ones the relief and reassurance of monitored home security.

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