Protect the Ones You Love & Install a Home Alarm System

You have probably heard about the many benefits associated with having a home alarm system by now, but for some reason or another, you still do not have one. It does not take much to know that in a down economy, crime rates tend to soar. In fact, thanks to the current economic crisis, home burglaries are on the rise.

Thieves are merely breaking into homes these days to steal whatever valuables they can to turn around and sell for quick cash. Oftentimes, residents are not home when these burglaries occur, but what happens if they were?

A home alarm system can help safeguard a home from burglars when a homeowner is away at work or on vacation. However, a security system installed in a home that is equipped with additional safety features, such as a duress code or panic buttons, can be a lifeline in a critical emergency such as a home invasion.

Home burglaries are scary enough to think about, but home invasions are a completely different ballgame. Nobody wants to come home to find out that strangers came in while they were gone and stole everything of value that they owned. However, most material things can be replaced; a life cannot be. Unfortunately, home invasions are not only scary, but they can be deadly. A home alarm system can be of great help in a terrifying situation like an armed home invasion.

Should you be in the market for a new security system for your home, it is important to make sure to inquire about panic buttons, key fobs, and ambush/duress codes for your new system. There are both hardwired and wireless panic buttons available that can be easily installed with a new home alarm system, or added to existing alarm systems.

An ambush code, also known as a duress code, is a secret code that a homeowner programs into their home alarm system. This code will arm and disarm the alarm just as any other valid user code will; however, when this code is entered, an alarm monitoring company will receive notification that the homeowner is under duress, prompting immediate police notification.

In the past, most remote alarm key fobs were used for the convenience of arming and disarming the alarm system from outside of the home. These days, more and more people are having their key fobs programmed with a panic feature enabled on them.

If someone should approach you outside of your home with the intention of harming you, or forcing their way into your home, one press of the panic button on your key fob will have police at your home in no time.

There are also various other keypad functions that can signal for help in the event of an emergency. Some alarm companies offer keypads with simple “police” buttons affixed to them, while others offer a two-way voice communication option. It is critical to have at least one of these features added to your home alarm system.

Keeping your loved ones safe in a panic situation is important, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding security features to any home alarm system.