How to Compare Alarm Companies

Many alarm companies today offer innovative products and promise superior home protection, but how do you choose the right one for you? While one home alarm company may offer products and services to meet the needs of others, you may find that they are just not the “right” company for you. While only you can decide what company you feel would best fit your needs, there are a few things you should look out for when comparing alarm companies.

Here they are:

Be Wary of Alarm Companies Offering Free Security Systems

If you have not come across the promise of a “free alarm system” in your search for a new security system for your home, you will. Many alarm companies use the free alarm system approach to get potential customers to buy into long-term contracts or other unreasonable commitments.

Once these customers fully understand what is really behind the free alarm system, they realize there is nothing “free” about their new alarm system at all. In addition, some of the free alarm systems these alarm companies offer are extremely basic and require some sort of paid upgrade to offer the protection a homeowner truly needs.

Does that mean you shouldn’t trust any alarm company that offers you a free alarm system? Absolutely not. Many honest and reliable alarm companies out there do offer free alarm systems to their customers, generally in exchange for signing a multi-year monitoring contract. Some people have absolutely no problem with signing these long-term commitments, especially if the incentive is a free security system, regardless of how basic it may seem.

Choose a Full Service Alarm Company If Possible

Full service alarm companies handle everything from sales to the servicing and maintenance of the alarm systems they install. When getting an alarm system installed in your home, it is always a good idea to know who is installing your alarm and who will be servicing it, especially if there are any issues later on down the road with it.

Finding out who will be providing the alarm monitoring service is another important part of choosing an alarm company. Many full service alarm companies provide their own alarm monitoring and own at least one alarm monitoring company. Some of the larger home security providers have a network of alarm monitoring centers that provide 24/7 monitoring services for their customers. Some alarm companies do not provide their own security monitoring and depend on third-party central stations to monitor their customers’ alarm systems.

Do Your Homework

Nothing is more unnerving than having an alarm system installed and signing a multi-year alarm-monitoring contract, only to find out that the alarm company you picked is not as reliable as you thought they were. While there are certainly enough great alarm companies out today to meet your needs, there are also some unscrupulous ones out there as well.

Getting recommendations, reading customer reviews, and checking the Better Business Bureau ratings of all potential alarm companies operating today will help make choosing the right company to handle your security needs a little easier. It also helps to pick a company that you have a good connection with and feel secure using.

Having a secure home is very important. While there is certainly no shortage of competent alarm companies currently offering great deals and services, you will need to find that one alarm company that is right for you.